I’ve always been in pain, of some sort. Sometimes I would just get used to it and oftimes I would be searching for a remedy, a cure, a magic pill of sorts. Right around the time of my first hip replacement, I found PEMF therapy. I didn’t need to know the reasons for my varying pain, I just wanted to feel better and take charge of my life and my health. Now, here I am telling you all how powerful energy healing is and how I feel everyone needs to actively recharge their cells and repair the damages of time and disease.

No one understands bone-on-bone pain or the landscape of the unknown until they face the challenges of  a reduced quality of life and the fear of surgery.  And, until you have sources of information, support and the knowledge that experience brings…it can be a scary process… Especially to go through or face alone.

For example, I would never have known, if I didn’t receive some good tips from a fellow hipster, to ask for anti-nausea pills in the hospital (caused by the pain medication).  I wouldn’t have known what special devices like PEMF to get (my grabber was incredible), or to hook myself up with a buddy to go on walks with or bring me food or take care of my pet in the early days after my hip replacements.


There are numerous studies using medium to high intensity PEMFs showing they make a big difference in outcomes and suffering.  PEMF treatment before surgery prepares the bone for the surgery.  One 75-year-old woman who used PEMFs before and after her THR only needed two doses of pain medication after the surgery and only needed a cane for two days. Also, treatment after surgery helps with recovery. In one study Bone density scanning after surgery showed between 66 and 93% improvement in bone density in those who had PEMFs compared to normal. PEMFs help integrate most implanted materials with bone. This is called osteo-integration.  PEMFs improve recovery and help keep the bones healthy afterwards. I strongly recommend a more proactive approach to be sure the surgery is worth the pain and suffering.

Thank you Dr Paluk! https://www.drpawluk.com